Fyndiq for PrestaShop

Fyndiq for PrestaShop

Full integration solution against Fyndiq for PrestaShop.

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Fyndiq integration for PrestaShop developed by Prestaworks

Prestaworks has developed a complete integration solution against Fyndiq for PrestaShop where you manage the entire flow and process in your PrestaShop-store. You will save enormous amount of working hours with our integration by automating the flow to Fyndiq and retrieving information back to your store such as orders and other infos. Our integration against Fyndiq for PrestaShop comes with a variety of features that makes your life easier, below is a list of what the integration is capable of doing:
  • Supports automatic import of new orders and product changes such as statuses etc. from Fyndiq
  • Option to automatically convert Fyndiq orders into real orders in the store flow when they are received automatically via the function above
  • Ability to convert orders from Fyndiq manually (one-by-one)
  • Support to download PDF invoices, including any PDF invoices in one click and target
  • Complete inventory synchronization between the store and Fyndiq
  • Decide which product title you wish to enter on products before export
  • Decide whether you want to enter the short or long description, as well as product features or combine them all to exports of products
  • Decide which standard-order status to be put on the orders that are converted from Fyndiq to store system.
  • Direct link to products that are exported to Fyndiq for preview
  • 100% support for exporting products with attributes/variations
  • Support for percentage mass discount before export
  • Support for updating already exported products with new information
  • Support for turning down products in Fyndiq via integration
To get a better understanding of how the integration looks like from a user perspective, we recommend you to look trough the pictures here. When you buy Fyndiq for PrestaShop from Prestaworks, two versions of the integration is included. We have built support for PrestaShop 1.5.x and 1.6.x. You'll also receive free support and regular updates during a 12 month period from the date of purchase. The integration solution is available in two languages, English and Swedish. Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.X

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