Payment module for Payson.

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40,00 €

This payment module is for Payson. Let your customers pay their orders with Payson online payments including support for Payson Invoice. Includes support to select what payment logo to show on payment page in checkout. Includes support to activate Payson logo in right or left column. Only SEK and EUR is supported by payson!

Tested on Prestashop
  • Easy installation Yes
  • Language support Yes

Q: Hi! We bought 2012/3/4 the payson module (v1.15 ) from you, it doesn't work on PrestaShop v1.4.9, is any free upgrade? I saw you have a new version v1.18! Regards Hakan

A: Hi Håkan, Yes, you can log in to your account and redownload the product to get the latest version. If it by some reason dosn't work, use the message form on the order detail under history in your account and you will get the latest version by email instead.

Q: Hi! Just wondering if and when this module will support PS 1.5? Regards Patrik

A: Hi Patrik, It should be at the end of october.

Q: Hello, I'd like to know if current version of Payson module (v1.22) works with PS 1.4.8 because as I know latest version is for PS 1.5. Thank you. Best Regards, Dovydas Liegus

A: Hi, The module is for 1.5, but we have older versions also, so if you buy the 1.5 version, just e-mail us and let us know you need it for 1.4 and we will provide it for you.

Q: read that Payson will support prestashop 1.5 in late October. Is it ready?

A: Hi, The 1.5 version have been uploaded today!