Cod with fee and Invoice


Allow your customers to pay by COD or Invoice.

You can read the full description down below.

30,00 €

This module allow a mulitude of settings, you can limit the module to one specific carrier, require the customer to enter his/her social security number (it can be validated against Swedish standards). For invoice module, you can select if you allow downloadable products or not and add extra information to Prestashops PDF invoice. If you have selected to add an extra fee to the order when this payment options is used, the module will add an extra product to the order defined by reference field.

Tested on Prestashop

Q: is this module tested on prestashop

A: Yes, it is tested and working on

Q: Does ti calculate VAT for COD fee? Does it work whit 1.5?

A: The COD fee is a regular product that is added to the order, so the VAT will be handled in the same way as any other product. It will be working with 1.5 by the end of october.

Q: Hej! Jag undrar om denna är kompatibel och fungerar med PS 1.5.x ?

A: Ja den fungerar med 1.5