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DIBS integration for PrestaShop. Available for versions 1.6 and 1.7.

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DIBS integration for PrestaShop developed by Prestaworks

DIBS payment module for PrestaShop developed by Prestaworks. Prestaworks has developed a payment module for DIBS which easily allows you to accept card, invoice, and direct payments in your web shop. Before you start integrating the module we recommend you to contact DIBS sales department. By doing so, you can ensure that you will support the right payment methods, currencies, other functions and know which of the payment windows that best suits your business. It is also possible to sign up for a free DIBS demo account allowing you to prepare your technical deployment and perform test payments using test card data.  

  • Payment windows – DIBS offers a variety of payment windows. Read more about DIBS Payment windows here.
  • Simplified checkout & Subscription payments– Read more about how you can work with stored card payments here
  • The API allows you to manage the payments directly from your webshop, meaning you can activate and refund payments directly from the webshop system or by integrating with your ERP-system.
  • Instant capture – By using this function the payment will automatically be activated and the money will be withdrawn from consumers account without you having to activate the payment manually.
  • HMAC/MD5 – Ensures and secures that the payment is initiated by you.
  • DIBS + PRESTASHOP + SPECTER = True. If you are using DIBS Flexwin och DIBS Payment Window it is also possible to connect DIBS and Prestashop with the ERP-system Specter. Those integrations will save you time as it is possible to manage your payments and automatically reconcile the payment reports from DIBS directly in Specter.

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Information about ”Subscription payments” and ”Simplified checkout".

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