About us

Who we are and what we do

Prestaworks AB is a Swedish web-agency providing e-commerce solutions built on PrestaShop. We also offer other services such as Hosted Server Backup, Hosted Exchange, Hosted Sharepoint and more. 

Together with our customers, we have developed a consistent number of modules and themes for PrestaShop, aiming to simplify the administration of your shop, enhance your sales and facilitate your workday. 

"We have provided modern e-commerce solutions based on PrestaShop since 2008, to over 1000 customers around the world"

Our goal

Our ambition and target are to offer a complete, valuable and affordable solution for e-commerce. Our aspiration is to offer small and medium-small companies an efficient solution for their marketing on the Internet without the initial cost being too high.

Certified PrestaShop partner

Prestaworks is an approved and certified partner with PrestaShop. At the beginning of 2012, we visited our colleagues in France that founded PrestaShop. Here we were given good training and we faced particular tests before the certificate was approved. 

The certificate entails among other things that Prestaworks can take part in important information in advance, and that Prestaworks is responsible for all customers requests from Scandinavia. Our certificate means certainty for you as a customer. 

For any questions regarding the solutions we offer, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.